IP Address MAC Address System 0000c5a89070 GWRouter 0000e214653f .[1] 00105ae4cd73 . 000bdb2a711c USER04 000102d53879 . 006097bddf91 PRINTRONIX 00010303674a . 00206b22718f . 0008a11d7b1b USER12 000d5611b987 . 00065bb1a31e . 00c0853450f1 .[2] 00105ae4cc6d . 000476b7a03a . 000874dc286e USER03 000bdb9b110a . 00b0d0fcbecf SERVER01 00087497b9af USER12[3] 000d5611b809 USER09 006097bdd714 . 000d56105c7c USER02 000874b6ca77 USER05 000874af0bdf USER01 000874af0bfa USER07 0008749d858f . 000874b1b316 USER06 000874af0b37 . 000874af0c1c USER08 000874d31127 USER10 00e081016f61 NMA01 00107a68bb21 AURIGA

Many "unknown" devices and  or systems that need to be researched and validated
Two systems with the same address - this can cause serious network problems
Two systems with the same name