alienconcepts: Background.

Founded in January of 1995 Alienconcepts Incorporated was chartered as a Information Technology consulting service for the small business specializing in infrastructure and data security analysis.

Technology Consulting
  • Specializing in Infrastructure Consulting
  • Remote network monitoring and management
  • Virtualization Technologies
  • Documentation of your current infrastructure using NetViz and Visio
  • Network hardware consolidation and migration
  • Bench marking and proof of performance
  • Technical documentation for presentations and patent submittal
  • Master disk image creation and deployment for servers and work stations
  • Mechanical noise analysis
IT/IS Management Consulting
  • Aligment of sr. management's expectations with IT employees desires.
  • Training of IT/IS team member's cross-cultural differences in order to execute global IT/IS projects.
  • IT/IS change management process auditing/design.
  • IT/IS budget management expertise controlling $1+ million per year.
  • Development of IT/IS departments for the purpose of reducing costs, internally and externally, by aligning business with technology.
Past Projects:

Please feel free to review some past projects. If you need access to a password area please contact me.

 Muti Branch Network 2010

 Network Monitor Eval 2007

 Security 2004

 MT Network 2003

 MT IT Audit 2003

 SMI Network 2001

 Server Tests 2001

 Noise Analysis 1997

 Room Analysis 1995

 Patent 1994

 Audigo Project 1991

 System 700 1984


With over 33 years in the Information Technology business we can help you with problems ranging from developing a secure business environment to infrastructure design and management in a wired or wireless environment.

Software knowledge includes:  click here for complete profile
  • eTrust, Lanware SNMP NMS, Cisco Works, Netviz ,Visio and other network management, analysis and documentation tools
  • All Acronis Products
  • All MicroSoft, Mac and SGI operating systems
  • VMWare, Hyper-V, MS Virtual Server, Terminal Server and Xenserver
  • MS Excel, Access and Project
  • PhotoShop, Premiere, Pagemaker, Streamline, Illustrator,Captivate and PDF
  • MS Visual Basic Scripting, Command Scripts
  • Cadkey, Euclid and Aries CAD software
  • ProTools, Sonar, Waves plug-ins and Audition
  • TEF20, SpectraPlus and SmaartLive analyzers
Professional skills include: Strengths:
  • Expert in emerging technologies with the ability to assess early adopter risks
  • Expert in performance analysis and related problem solving.
  • Expert in designing and presenting technical presentations for sales and management
  • Project Manager skilled in Data Center migration, consolidation, documentation and virtualization
  • Proficient in designing and implementing training classes and training team members.
  • Expert in contract, vendor and service level negotiations and management.
Recent Accomplishments
  • Created standards, designed, implemented and remotely managed a 500 user NT, Mac and SGI multiple office network. Services included SMTP and Notes e-mail, monitored Internet access using eTrust, remote access for NT and Notes, NT Terminal Services, Windows 2000 VPN access to files, web based CRM system, "Disk to Disk" backup,802.11 wireless technology, video conferencing and telephony services via T1 lines between offices.
  • Designed new data center consisting of 2 Linux DNS/SMTP servers, 50 NT servers for files and applications service, 60 Intel switches, 3 Cisco routers and multiple wiring closets deployed within a 80,000 square foot complex using 1-gigabit copper and fiber backbone. Supervised contractors in installation and managed team of 10 installers over 4-month period.
  • Managed relocation project consolidating ISP facilities and existing data center into new location over a 3-day time slot with less than 12 hours of service interruption.
  • Developed standards for LAN, Wan and hardware proof of performance testing. Implementing this on a regular test cycle resulted in (A) recovery of 2/3 of the bandwidth on one T1 channel caused by dishonest provisioning of circuit and (B) reduction in server purchases because of enterprise wide load balancing.
  • Setup web enabled central documentation system to store all IT related tasks, specifications, designs and research in multiple media formats.
  • Reduced human resource costs by $200K per year by designing and implementing hardware and software standards for remote management and monitoring of servers using Lanware NMS, SNMP, eTrust Intrusion Detection, scripted scheduling and custom "Disk to Disk" backup system for improved data security and availability in an emergency.
  • Created, tested and developed imaging standards for complex (100 application +) multiprocessor design workstations and servers in an NT/W2K environment saving over $100K per year in hardware support costs.
  • IT/IS budget management expertise controlling $3+ million per year. Develop TCO and ROI strategies
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